The Choral Festival in May will be held on May 19, 2013 and is entitled,  Our Hope for Years to Come    It will begin at 6PM in the <a href="">sautcnary</a> and will include The Cathedral Choir, Cathedral Orchestra Ensemble, A Festival Choir, Organists Mark Thallander, Brett Alan Judson, Tom Leonard, Frederick Swann and others. It will be an unbelievable event, a perfect way to celebrate all that God has done over the past years. The Messiah will be performed on Friday, December 21st in the Cathedral. The choir will be directed by the one and only, Don Neuen and accompanied by an orchestra. The Cathedral Choir will be singing and many of the soloists will be familiar faces from the choir, but will be joined by others as well. It will truly be an unbelievable event as well. I do believe (but do not know for sure) that tickets will be required for this event as it is expected to be a full house. Don Neuen is famous for his directing of the Messiah and this event will be very special for sure. We cannot forget about the Christmas Eve and Easter morning services as well, all of which will be unforgettable.  It is highly likely that the damage to the organ will be repaired for the second half of the year, so brace yourself for some incredible music!!!!

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