We follow the drawing supplied by the clients and execute the work as per the specification with meticulous attention to detail. Our executives take a hands-on approach, ensuring that client expectations are exceeded at every stage of the project. We handle all types of civil contracts like residential, industrial, and commercial.

Whether it’s a construction of a new building or a complete interior designing project, we offer complete solutions in both the cases from conceptualization to finish.

Radiant has offered a myriad of heavy engineering construction services including demolition works. Radiant team utilizes their knowledge acquired from the completed projects to offer our clients value-engineered solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and highly qualified professionals have enabled us to reach such heights of success.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Management will be assisting the client to get the right material adherence to the quality and to maintain the proper records and documents with Client / Vendor / Contractors / Suppliers and Architects. We will be in touch and be updating client regarding Project to avoid cost deviation and time schedule. And doing so we will be establishing a proper communication and co-ordination with all the stake holders.

What can a Project Management Consultant do for clients? Submitting the detailed schedule to the clients with respect to the project Better control on the Estimation and Budget and completion of project on-time. Avoiding unduly attitude of the Contractor during the project closure. Being an expertise giving idea about the quality in construction. Handling exorbitant price charging Contractors


Residential Design: We pride ourselves in developing a personal style for each client using their vision combined with ours, and function requirements to catalyst a perfect result. From blueprints to accessories, we design all types of houses, apartments, townhomes and condos.

Boutique & Hospitality Design: We design restaurants, cafe’s, small shops, and small hotels!

Green Design: Becoming one with our earth is key to green design. From using green materials, to creating smaller footprints in construction and clever use of space, we understand and can implement this into nearly any project

Interior/Exterior/Furnishings/Fixtures: Interior & exterior finishes to include millwork, building materials, lighting, window, floor & wall coverings, tile layout designs, furnishings and accessories.

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES Construction project management could be defined as the direction, regulation and supervision of a project from early development to completion. The ultimate goal of construction project management is the full satisfaction of client’s demands for a viable project both in terms of functionality and budget. There is a wide range of construction project types, such as commercial, residential, industrial and heavy civil.

The main concept of construction project management is closely connected to technical parameters like budget and execution but it also requires solid communication between all the agents (stakeholders, contractors, community).

WEBSITE : https://radiantassets.com/

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